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Find full solutions within minutes, no purchase or subscriptions necessary.

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No need to download or install, use on any mobile device or smart voice assistant.

Saves Time & Money

Get promo codes and supplier discounts that help you save. Get a full solution within a couple of steps.

On Demand Expertise

Become a cooker expert within minutes by preparing a professional and detailed roadmap for your project.

Project Team Sync

Your personal Hob Assistant helps you keep everything in sync with contractors, suppliers and trade services.

Popular Hob Projects

Step by Step Hobs Guides. Any Task, Big or Small.

Keep track of project costs

Find and compare energy services, get home maintenace cover, repairs and more.

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The Hobs App Is Here To Help!

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  • Hob repairs, installation and maintenance
  • All cooker parts, fault codes and easy to follow guides
  • Qualified, vetted and trusted local services you can rely on
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Hobs App Services

Get a project started the right way with your Hob Assistant.

Hob Repairs

All planning and organising in one stop, from materials, designs, services and tradespeople. Make it easier to track down expenses and progress.

  • Cost guides for supplies and trade services
  • All you need about permits and tradespeople hiring
  • Get all questions answered before starting any project
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Hob Installations

Get all covered before starting any project, save more by comparing the best options available.

  • Find cooker installing costs, compare products and services in your area
  • Compare rates and explore different financing terms in real time
  • Learn details about every service you are considering
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Hob Maintenance

When you start a carefully planned project, it is easier to keep track on expenses and progress as well as to detect any possible issues.

  • Keep an eye on the progress of your project
  • Keep track of all expenses, compare costs
  • Get all supplies and products in one place
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Explore Services In Your Area

The Hobs Assistant is here to help.

Appliance Care Smart Assistant

If you don't know where to start the Hobs Assistant can help you get your plans and nees sorted within minutes.

New Hob

  • Installation Service
  • Comparison, Discounts
  • Qualified Trade Pros
  • Services, Financing
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Hob Care

Appliance Care Guide
  • Insurance Plan Comparison
  • Promotion Alerts, Discounts
  • Qualified Trade Pros
  • Services, Financing
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Appliance Repair

Full Project Guide
  • Troubleshooting, Costs
  • Supplies, Compare, Discounts
  • Qualified Trade Pros
  • Services, Financing
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Appliance Care Professionals

Find qualified Hob technicians for any repair, maintenance or installation project.

ADI Appliance
Appliance Repair
Thames Ditton
Maple Repairs
Appliance Technician
Dan Simons
Hob Installer
Altin Services
Hob Technician

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Find the best local professionals, products and guides.

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